Stripped AR 15 Lower Receivers

There are many different “manufacturers” of stripped ar 15 lower receivers.  Though there are only a few companies that actually manufacturer their own lower receivers.  Most get a variance for the ATF to have the actual manufacturer mark them with their name.

Companies like Aero Precision, Bushmaster, CMMG, Daniel Defense, Double Star, DPMS, LRB, Mega, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms and anymore, it seems like everyone else.

Stripped AR 15 Lower Receiver

For the most part, the main difference is the name and to some people more importantly, the logo on the side of the magwell.  While some of the “cooler mall ninjas” do not think some brands measure up to their “flavor of the month”, people use all the above for builds daily with little to no issues had from any of them.

I have built up just about every brand of lower and could tell no discernible difference between any of them.  That said, there are some polymer lowers that are out there, while I have no personal experience with them, I am not seeing the advantage of a polymer stripped ar15 lower receiver.